60.000 people on a Caribbean island develop a national strategy

Global IT player seeks to engage employees by rebuilding pride in the work they do

Islanders build a core team to explore the development development of a social fund

Board evaluates performance and realigns composition and structure to challenges

Healthcare organisation expands executive team having future challenges in mind

Global non-profit transitions their board and aligns governance and structure to strategy

Professional services firm stabilises after crisis and regains purpose and focus

Association creates sector insights into strategic change capabilities of leadership

Energy company creates independent Corporate Responsibility council

Entrepreneurial venture sets out to save key cultural heritage

Founder of a social venture creates systemic impact in the cacao industry

Leadership team of a railway operator aligns organisation design to coherent purpose and strategic direction

Record label develops and implements innovative strategy in a downturn market

Oil & gas company seeks a breakthrough thinking on a hairy issue

Non-profit aligns board behaviour with future challenges

The role and effectiveness of supervisory boards within arts institutions

Trustees in the Arts create platform to improve own effectiveness

Feasibility study and venture development plan for an international opportunity

Two regional libraries merge and integrate successfully

Local charities adjust to significant changes in funding regimes

Social venture sets out to create financial returns on ecosystem restauration

The executive and artistic team of a modern dance company align to strategy

City develops innovative strategy for world expo

Regional museum develops integrated strategy, rationale and business plan for expansion

Bankers and regulators explore the social value of financial services

Film producer creates unique business in established market

Business leaders create a movement for the preservation of nature

CEO of an oil & gas company seeks new thinking and a sounding board