Business leaders create a movement for the preservation of nature


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The issue

This request came from the management of one of the oldest and largest global organizations focusing on environmental issues and the conservation of Nature. They wanted to create a stronger link with, and impact in, the commercial world by adding value to the core of their businesses.

Essentially they wanted to build a stronger link between their mission and businesses by bringing together business leaders who were focused on the relationship between business and nature, and by supporting businesses and corporate leaders with similar sustainability aspirations.

Our approach

Here we worked with the organization to first clearly define the advantages for participating businesses. Then we designed a separate organization and governance structure that would benefit both the participating businesses as well as the mission of the organization.

A full business plan was then developed and a detailed activity plan for the first year. And through our global network we started to interest and engage key business leaders in the cause and mission of the new organization.

The results

The result has been the design and creation of a new, collaborative non-profit initiative that is driven by business leaders for businesses with the aim of promoting the conservation of nature while creating bottom line results at the same time.

Focusing on mainstream biodiversity in the core business of the corporate sector, it brings together current and future business leaders, unites its members and forms a bridge between NGO’s, government, business community and science. Furthermore, it now supports organizations in developing countries who commit to protection of their natural habitats in relation to poverty reduction.