We help organisations to balance financial and non-financial returns

We partner with profit, social ventures and non-profit organisations to develop meaningful, long-term strategies that create sustainable financial and non-financial returns. We specialise in combining our strategic business knowledge and change skills with a deep understanding of the social requirements within contemporary cultures.

Our most impactful assignments have all started with a conversation about what might be possible. We would love to have such conversation with you and explore what might be possible in your specific situation.

Our people

Camunico works in close cooperation with associates and experts; all inspired by cultural leadership as a key differentiator for human behaviour and aspirations.

Camunico partners

Our roots

Our origin

Camunico was founded on a passion for the arts and originated from the INSEAD Directors Platform (IN-BOARD), an initiative developed by alumni of the Business School in Fontainebleau (France). This initiative focuses on the link between behaviour of board members and the sustainable success of organisations.

Impact of culture on sustainable success

The founders of Camunico* are driven to support the development of values-driven cultures. As a reflection of shared values we view a healthy culture as a key determining factor for sustainable success. Inspired by the arts, Camunico developed into an entrepreneurial advisory firm for cultural leadership; the development of values-driven cultures, where organisations are open to look from the outside in, instead of from the inside out. In this field, Camunico has become a trusted advisor to leaders, investors and entrepreneurs around the world.

Contemporary culture

Today our passion for the arts is aimed to enlarge the understanding of our contemporary culture, issues and trends. The liberal arts, humanities and culture in general offer immeasurable sources of insight and imagination, inspiring personal wisdom, meaning and actions. Our assessment of reality is based on knowledge of values, of the difference between what is valuable and valueless, meaningful and meaningless, ethical and unethical. This knowledge is cultural knowledge and is the language of artists, poets and philosophers.

Creating value

Over the years we have helped our clients to experience that this kind of thinking, combined with the more traditional strategic and analytical thinking of the business school offers tremendous value; especially in situations where reflection in leadership is of strategic importance.

*We are thankful to the people who made it possible for us to start our firm: Jan Theo Bautz, Folkert Blaisse, Hans Huisinga, Koos van den Heuvel and Janharm Musters. Friso van Oranje has been instrumental in the founding of Camunico, for which we will always be grateful.

Our name

Our inspiration is based on an image created by the Camuni tribe 3000 years ago

Have a closer look. It’s not just a map. It’s a visual statement of the tribe’s aspirations for the future. The Camuni carved the diagram in stone, and placed it where everyone in their tribe and other passing tribes, could see it. It was a reminder, a daily inspiration as to the tribe’s purpose, their place in the world, and their intent.

In the reality of our complex contemporary culture, purpose is that which can provide stability for organisations.

That’s what we do: we help you and your organisation re?discover a strong sense of purpose and to convert that purpose into sustainable success.