We develop responsible and sustainable solutions to four major issues

Our services

Connect purpose and strategy

Increasing sustainable returns by aligning strategy, with purpose, mission and vision

Sustainable strategy and plans

Assessing and creating strategies and plans to thrive in contemporary cultures

Cultural audit and alignment

Aligning organisational culture and behaviour driving sustainable success

Team and board performance

Creating effective teams and boards that demonstrate and drive sustainable behaviour

Foresight journey

Increasing opportunity and avoiding risk through insights from the future

Community planning

Creating inclusive and sustainable plans with governments and communities

Our approach

Guides on a journey

Our role is that of the guide and trusted advisor. We work with you (not for you) to create a journey tailored to your unique context, building on what already works in your organisation and culture.

We create environments that allow solutions to emerge. We probe, sense, respond. We use methods that can help generate ideas, open up discussion, encourage dissent and diversity and monitor for emergence.

We will enter into collaborative relationships in which responsibility is shared with the client, skills are transferred to the client, and dependence on us is gradually diminished to the point of disengagement.

Uncovering solutions from complexity

At Camunico we excel in complex and emergent situations where information is often incomplete and ambiguous. Situations where there are no right answers; only emergent and instructive patterns. Situations where there is flux and unpredictability and many competing ideas.

Liberal arts

We often use the liberal arts and the creative brains from artist, poets or philosophers as a resource for creating insights and inspiration to find meaningful responses to complex cultural issues. The liberal arts are not just about truth, beauty and wisdom; they also teach us rhetoric, logic and critical analysis. We blend these insights with the more traditional business tools such as analysis and structure to create non-conventional approaches and creative solutions.

Our approach is systemic, inclusive and creative

Before engaging in any form of execution we thoroughly define the issue, ambitions and aspirations, together with our client we scope the intervention and design a tailor-made approach towards a solution.

  • The human potential is our starting point

  • Our engagements are based on equal partnerships and trust

  • We do what it takes to improve your condition and create impact

  • We work in small teams, adding associates and experts when strictly necessary

  • We promote new ways of collaboration

  • We encourage a systemic approach