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After an alarming employee satisfaction survey, our client approached us to help think through and design a programme to increase commitment and engagement of employees.

The engineers and software developers of our client were predominantly focused on technical details of their work. Especially in maintenance driven support areas, staff felt largely undervalued. This phenomenon had not been addressed for years and led to employee satisfaction levels that were far below industry average.

Staff felt disengaged from their day-to-day operations due to a lack of purpose in their work (“why are we doing what we are doing”). We developed a comprehensive programme to connect day-to-day operations to the impact that work has on business and society (i.e. the end consumer).

Our focus was an Appreciative Enquiry to identify a ‘positive core’ of strengths as well as organizational practices that made it difficult to deliver excellence in customer service.  This forms the foundation for sustainable and positive change leading to improvements in employee engagement, pride in the work done and customer satisfaction.