Energy company creates independent Corporate Responsibility council



Client focus

Governance & context


Governance structure design

Strategic CSR

For our client we created a structural form of antithesis that would give solicited and unsolicited feedback on the social and environmental impact of strategic decisions.

The board of our client in the energy sector realised that the social, ecological and economical diversity with their teams would not have sufficient knowledge and insights to oversee the full impact on strategic decisions. In close cooperation with our client we designed an independent Corporate Sustainability Council. This council was tasked to give solicited and unsolicited feedback to both the executive and non-executive board.

By introducing the knowledge and insights of a highly diversified team, the strategic decisions of our client would be scrutinised in a way they would never be able to do themselves. As a result, the board takes more informed decisions with a good understanding of their social and environmental impact, without jeopardizing the current governance structure.