Record label develops and implements innovative strategy in a downturn market



Client focus

Purpose & strategy


Strategy development

Organisation design

Succession planning


Inquiry & survey

Financial business modeling

The issue

Against a background of rapid developments in digital music distribution this internationally renowned record label

Our approach

We identified the label’s successes and examined how the company could make optimal use of existing (direct and indirect) financial and ’social investments’ adding value to the company’s ambitions and driving a meaningful social cause.

Trough an assessment of the market we looked at how social, technical, economic, ecological and political forces are shaping market opportunities in ways that will enable the label to create new competitive advantages, change the basis of competition, and further the ambitions of the company.

A key to the strategic options development was a deep understanding of the individual needs, ambitions and aspirations of the key stakeholders – both financially as their wish to leave behind a relevant legacy.

required a thorough assessment of their mid and long term strategic options to provide a framework for their strategic investment decisions.

The results

We delivered a comprehensive case that explored the strategic opportunities for growth in value, sought to align the aspirations of key stakeholders, and develop a shared understanding of the required strategic investments. We designed growth options based on a qualification and quantification of the required investments, associated risks and expected ROI levels. We drove a process of creating and integrating insights and foresights in new media and viral marketing and provided an independent (market) view within this process. All leading into a business and implementation plan with a clear and measurable set of goals and deliverables.