Islanders build a core team to explore the development development of a social fund


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With the islanders of a Caribbean island, we led a feasibility study for the establishment of a fund to support social, economic and cultural development, with a focus on building sustainable local capabilities.

In partnership with an array of interested stakeholders we designed a simple and practical Appreciative Inquiry programme leading to a two day summit to explore how such a fund might work, be governed and administered. Simultaneously, we used this journey to start exploring the outlines of what could become a shared vision for the integrated and sustainable development of the islands economy. A shared vision that would strongly contribute to solving some of the most prominent and long term economic and social challenges.

Stakeholders from a cross section of society, government and commerce worked together through the inquiry to develop two powerful visions of the fund in action. One of the key outcomes was to focus on projects in which local people take charge for their own future. In this way it would support both the personal and professional development and education within local Communities, with a particular emphasis on young potential social leaders. During the Summit, a core team was established to take this forward on the island.