The executive and artistic team of a modern dance company align to strategy


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Team development

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Team and individual diagnostics

For the executive and artistic team of a world renowned dance company we ran leadership development sessions aligning challenges to capabilities and culture.

Our client is acutely aware that a supportive culture and strong leadership are required to meet the extremely high standards required to operate at the  international level. At the same time they need to balance continuously and prioritise between artistic and business challenges.

We designed a programme through which the team gained better insights into individual and group drivers. Multiple sessions and diagnostics with individual members of the team, and collective sessions with the entire team resulted in a better understanding of individual and team contribution to the ambitions of the company.

By determining the priorities and understanding individual and team value patterns, the team was able to better work together and to strengthen its drive to maintain in the world’s top league.

In addition to being ready and willing, the teams strengthened their ability to maintain their position in the international top league