Entrepreneurial venture sets out to save key cultural heritage


Cultural heritage

Client focus

Strategy & purpose


Strategy development

Governance structure design

Social venture setup

Inquiry and survey

Tools & methodologies

Financial business modeling

Business case development

The issue

There has been an enduring debate about the conservation and management of unique historical, cultural ships in the Netherlands. The existing fleet threatens to fall into irreparable decay following lack of funding and organisation. This means that in the long term the last existing specific types of boats will disappear. Many museums are struggling with this problem as well.

Our approach

Camunico set up a core team’, consisting of 8 people working in the maritime industry including three museum directors, to work on a strategic plan focused on maintaining the Dutch cultural sailing heritage. Currently, we are working on a feasibility research, in which we will design a business model for three different types of ships to prevent them from decay.

The results

Together with the core team and other stakeholders we developed a concept for an association to catalogue and maintain the existing fleet. The association will acquire maritime heritage for restoration and for commercial exploitation so that the ships will regain a purpose and function.