Oil & gas company seeks a breakthrough thinking on a hairy issue

Client focus

Business & society


Strategic CSR

Multi-disciplinary partnerships


Prototyping, empathy map, ideation

For our client in the oil & gas industry we created radically new approaches in solving a complex situation of social and political unrest.

For many years, our client had been dealing with a complex situation of social, ecological and political unrest in one of their operating countries and had so far been unsuccessful in resolving the situation.

We started by getting a thorough understanding of the issue and analysed why none of their interventions to far had seem to solve the situation. Independent from the client, we then created an internal think-tank to find and design radically new and different options to resolve the issue. By changing the focus to the long-term social and economic development of the geographical area, rather than the issue itself, we started to get to an untapped route to create a sustainable solution. The options that were created introduced a fundamentally different approach to resolving the issues.

Together with our client we evaluated these options, helping them to break through current barriers, resulting in an actionable strategy.