Non-profit aligns board behaviour with future challenges


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The issue

The changing environment has an impact on the traditional role of libraries. The leadership team of this library sought insights in those changes and how to respond to the challenges. Also, with three team members set to leave the organisation within a short term, insights where sought into which ‘people profiles’ where needed for the future additions to the team.

Our approach

Our approach was aimed at giving insights in the connection of the strategic challenges of the library, the leadership team and the ‘positive core’ of the organisation. Our focus was on the individual members but also on the individuals in relation to the team they are part of.

The results

The approach resulted in a renewed and improved understanding of the strategic context of the library. We provided the executive team and supervisory board with an understanding where they can optimally contribute, at individual and team levels, during a growth cycle of an organisation and what their (risk) challenges are. Keeping in mind what their plans were for the near future they now understood what ‘people profiles’ were needed in their team to ensure success.