‘A Radical Politics for Business’

The Liberal Democratic Party in England are fostering a sustainable economy and are realizing that this requires fundamental changes. The party wanted to gain a better understanding of how businesses are looking at sustainable economic development and what they expect from the government to reach their goals in this area.

We designed and ran a programme to generate a fundamental dialogue between business and politics with the aim of obtaining insights in – and give further direction to – the necessary foundations for a stronger economy and a fairer and more prosperous society.

Close to a 100 captains of industry, prominent business people and politicians participated in the programme. An open dialogue was developed through a series of salon meetings, in which Nick Clegg was personally involved, This process brought the party and businesses closer together creating a better understanding of each other’s worlds. Building on the success of this programme, the party will continue the dialogue with industry to further shape a stronger economy and a fairer, more prosperous society.

These salon meetings have led to many positive and fundamental insights, reflected in the pamphlet ‘A Radical Politics for Business’ that you can download from this page