Jolande Sap

How do we make a difference for the future, together? Working towards answers to this question has motivated my whole career. The social economics of doing business at the cost of people and the environment has exhausted itself. My passion is to find new models of work and explore social innovations that get us past these current issues. As a politician and leader of the Dutch Greens, I focused my attention on how we can work through the political system to create new approaches to business and society. I am now focused on encouraging entrepreneurial approaches in a number of key areas – particularly food, clothing and health care.

More and more organisations and people look beyond the delusion of the day and work on a fairer future. We can get far more things done if we are able to break the traditional dividing line between making money and being social. This is the challenge that motivated me to become a Partner at Camunico – to strengthen inspired and businesslike leadership.