Joe Zammit-Lucia

Over many years as an advisor to senior management teams, I have focused my efforts on helping break out of conventional thinking; on devising novel approaches and new business models that can be successful in our fast-moving, unpredictable cultural environment. In our free-wheeling, rapidly changing and seemingly chaotic global environment, most traditional business dogma no longer works and business as usual is not an option for those who wish to pull ahead. I am passionate about the benefits that well run businesses with a clear sense of purpose can bring to our societies and enjoy helping senior management teams innovate, create and reach aspirations they may not have thought possible.

As an entrepreneur, my business became global market leader in its field by taking the road less traveled – breaking out of the conventional to create new markets and an organizational capability that distinguished it from the rest of the field. I explore new ideas and new approaches through public speaking platforms in academic and non-academic forums as well as through regular columns in The Guardian, Stanford Social Innovation Review and Het Financeele Dagblad. I have shared my perspectives through interviews in the leading business publications including The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, The Economist, The New York Times and others.

I keep learning about fresh ways of thinking by interacting with many people from different fields. I founded – a “factory of ideas that encourages broad dialogue on society, business and environmental issues.” I am a member of the Dean’s Board of Leadership Advisors at Florida International University, have served as Special Advisor to the Director General at the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and serve on boards of non-profit organizations. I am also a practicing artist and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.